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Cantina Pieve Vecchia

imageHere is a winery where the word ‘hospitality’ is on its full meaning: guided tours, events, tastings, open spaces and interiors carefully designed by Cini Boeri. This is Pieve Vecchia, a hill that has been hollowed out and then covered back to create a winery with a very low environmental impact. Everything has been successfully designed in order to achieve a smooth integration within the Campagnatico territory.

Started in 2007 and ended in 2010, this winery comes from the desire of the Engineer Monaci (also owner of the Locanda del Glicine, still in Campagnatico) to expand his career path to the world of wine. We are here in the Montecucco DOC, a young “denominazione” created in 1997 that is now becoming a safe value among the new Italian wines.


The space of fermentation is underground and comprises 32 cuve of steel, the barrel room, a warehouse and the space for bottling. The upper part consists in the wine bar, a shop and a conference room. At present 100 000 bottles are produced but the yield capacity could reach 220 000 units.

7b5b1976-a419-4c1d-89f6-aa4e07beee0bwallpaperThis important volume of production has induced the architect to divide the building bodies. The final outcome is the deconstruction  of the overall block mass by means of a kind of square, reminiscent of the functional concept of the medieval village. This square creates a fine break in the countryside that surrounds the hill cellar becoming the core of all the production activities and an important landmark for tourism.

The estate covers 50 hectares, 30 of which are planted with vines.The first harvest was in 2007. 6 wines are produced there. Let’s discover them one by one:

PV8Campo del Noce 2001, DOC Montecucco Vermentino (pure): the bouquet is iodine, fresh and fruity, sapid. The taste expresses emphatically all the Vermentino typical characteristics. The aftertaste is a little bitter. A very satisfying white wine sold in the cellar at 8 € a bottle. Noteworthy, in the U.S. it was rated 94/100 by Stephen Tanzer’s International Wine Cellar!

PV9Le Zere 2011, IGT Maremma Toscana: Chardonnay and Fiano, an unusual blend in Tuscany, but that has proved itself according to the winemaker house Ugo Pagliai. A wine with a certain structure, buttery and intense aroma, a full fruity taste (pear) with hints of yeast. A very good acidity but perhaps a bit too high alcohol level. € 9 a bottle in the cellar.

PV10Biancamara 2011, IGT Maremma Toscana: here again the Chardonnay + Fiano mix, but that spend the first 3 months in barrels and then 3 other months in bottle. An amazing wine! The smell remind of Burgundy wine and the taste is supported by alcohol and aromas and gentle notes of smoke, a delight for just 10 € per bottle.

PV11Now let’s talk about the red wines starting with the Albatrello 2011, DOC Montecucco Rosso: 80% Sangiovese, 20% Alicante. The bouquet is highly fruity and the surprising taste is so soft as to be supple and extremely delightful. 9 € a bottle.

PV13Chorum 2008, DOC Montecucco Sangiovese: it stay one year in oak casks and then in barrels for another year. The developed color is misleading, because both the aroma and the taste are really powerful. Little and nice are the woody traces. The taste is full, the cherry overflowing, the tannin soft and almost sweet. A very good success for 12 € a bottle.

PV12Pieve dei Monaci 2009, IGT Maremma Toscana: A Syrah, with its characteristic notes of spice and a delicate, aromatic and soft taste, 14 € a bottle.

In my opinion there is a clearly visible common thread shared by these red wines: the sweet soft and smooth taste as result of the extraordinary job of the tannin. A really impressive achievement especially because in these regions the Sangiovese is sometimes too acidic, it can have a too high alcohol level or too much extract from the tannin aspect…

In conclusion, I encourage you to visit this wonderful wine cellar where you will be welcomed with open arms and with delicious wines! I assure you that as soon as I return to Tuscany I will definitely make me pleasure to visit Pieve Vecchia again!

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