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Tenuta l’Impostino, a local myth

The past, with echoes of its legends, permeates the ancient rooms of Tenuta l’Impostino and flavors its wines. Natural therefore that each labels references to a local myth, a patrimony of an oral tradition passed down from generation to generation. Popular legends from Maremma’s have been an inspiration to identify those wines, a real inspiration passing through name and label design:


Ballo Angelico, made from Vermentino grapes, tell the story of the Cotone Castle where people used to dance every night under the star.

Lupo bianco, 60% Sangiovese and 40% Merlot, is the white wolf wandering in the misty winter nights.

Viandante, 100% Sangiovese from the Montecucco DOC, is the soul of the Tenuta, a place where travelers on the road from Siena to Rome used to find shelter and food in places called “Impostini”.

Ciarlone, 70% Sangiovese, 10% Merlot, 10% Syrah and 10% Petit Verdot, is the “babbler”, a genuine, sincere daily companion.

???????????????????????????????Since the Medieval time, the “Impostini” represented a place where wayfarer could take a break and get refreshments and could change the cattle or get a hot meal and a glass of wine. At the beginning of the year 2000, one of these old homesteads stole the heart of a northern traveler thanks to its hillocks facing south and the unspoiled nature of the surrounding.

Now the owner tries to entrap in a bottle all the character of this strong and generous land of Maremma, warm and sometimes rough.

???????????????????????????????The farm lays on the top of a natural amphitheater 350m above the sea level. The farm owns 52 hectares of which 25 are dedicated to vineyards, of course the wine cellar is modern. Tenuta l’Impostino is located in the Montecucco area (within the Grosseto Province) where the ground is particularly adapted for the production of quality wines: the morphology of the soil and climate of this part of Maremma offers significant temperature changes during the day. The production area is surrounded by prestigious names such as Montalcino….

???????????????????????????????Sangiovese the indefeasible Tuscany grape, Merlot the primary complement, the elegant and soft Syrah, the color richness of Petit Verdot and finally the traditional Vermentino, are the homestead cultivated vines.

Tenuta l’Impostino Montecucco Rosso DOC has a full, rich fruity nose with hints of red berries and a spicy note characteristic of the Syrah. Soft and slightly tannins in the mouth.

Ciarlone Montecucco Rosso DOC has hints of plume and cherry, a weel-structured wine.

Viandante Montecucco DOC Sangiovese Riserva has floral tones of violet and hints of cherry and blackberry, a strong-bodied, structured, almost opulent wine.

???????????????????????????????Lupo Bianco IGT Maremma Toscana strikes intensely with a spicy sweet note of licorice and tobacco leaf. The taste combines the power of Sangiovese to the elegance of Merlot; it’s a pulpy and fresh wine with soft tannins.

???????????????????????????????The Farmhouse includes a restaurant, room’s availability and a swimming pool for guests maintaining the charm of the original structure. The environment is cosy, the service is meticulous and give you the best of Tuscan dishes.

???????????????????????????????Tenuta l’Impostino, Casal di Pari : località Impostino, 58045 Civitella Paganico (Grosseto), Phone : +39 0564 900665 ; info@tenutaimpostino.it

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