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Lights on at the Mercato Centrale in Florence for a magic Christmas

The Florentine Mercato Centrale offers in abundance everything grown and produced on fertile soils of Tuscany.

20090117093511!Edificio_Mercato_Centrale_FI_1If you’re looking for Tuscany’s signature specialty, you can buy Fiorentina for dinner, a sizable, at least one kilo heavy, piece of Chianina beef on the bone.

huile de toscane2There’s also trippa, aromatic sausages made from boar and donkey, ham and mortadella, lard from Colonnata, mature and young sheep cheese, farmer’s yoghourt, dried boletus mushrooms and, of course, extra virgin cold-pressed olive oil, tangy, with a distinct bitter note.
Bakeries sell Tuscan bread, baked without salt, and crispy cantucci with almond. Traditionally you have to deep them in sweet Vin Santo before putting them in your mouth.

Of course, it is possible to have snack at the Central Market. Moreover, it is essential to arrive hungry and elbow your way to the queue at Da Nerbone café. Place your order at the bar, and then eat your catch slowly, washing it down with wine from Chianti Classico.

enoteca-chianti-classicoHere, the Chianti Classico Company has a wine shop. The Enoteca Chianti Classico is offering, daily from 10 am to midnight, more than 1200 labels for tasting by-the-glass (500 seats throughout the first floor).

The cooking of Da Nerbone is simple in a rustic sort of way; after a meal, you feel an urgent desire to drop into a haystack and have a nap. If you haven’t tasted ribollita before, make this your first attempt. It is a hearty potage of blak cabbage, beans and bread, double-cooked.

ribolita1bisOther de rigueur treats should include trippa alla fiorentina (tripe soup), pasta with boar or rabbit ragout, bruschetta with liver, pappa al pomodoro and other local wonders.

10846156_343617245841937_6570463102452770974_nThe fifth edition of F-Light festival is back in Florence from December 7 to January 6, and its bringing with it special scenography and artistic itineraries. The ceiling of the market has being transformed into a flying carpet, the historic building is used as a huge screen. This work is taken from Daniel Buren’s collection ‘Luci d’artista’. It involve a net of red and white, and blue and white cubes tied together by steel wiring, and hung from the ceiling in the market.

Foto_MCF_Daniel-Buren_renderingHappy cheesemas, boarmas, tripmas, pastamas, Tuscanymas my friends!

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