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Heidsieck, the globetrotting dandy Champagne for this Christmas

A legend cannot be built on sand. The “Maison” of Charles Heidsieck understands this.

Its president has therefore revived a somewhat forgotten legend, the man who was one of the first to introduce his wines to the New World. Known to Americans as “Champagne Charlie”, he first crossed the Atlantic in 1852 with chestfuls of bottles to convince Americans of the superiority of his wines.


For the 2014 Holiday season, the house is reissuing three of these maple-wood truncks. The most prestigious, the Malle 1852 Oenothèque, contains six bottles of the iconic Brut Réserve, six of the Rosé Réserve, six of the legendary Blanc des Millénaires 1995, and three of each of the rare 1983 and 1985 vintages, along with a Riedel decanter and flutes, and a writing kit (5 000€).


This ends the hunting Christmas gift season with a fantasmagoric phenomena to be captured by eye and mouth, with effects of relief and touch, a master of the cantilevered construction that mobilizes all the possibilities of space. If this sinfully “malle” lands under your Christmas tree, there’s someone out there who really loves you!

Catch it bottle by bottle here.


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