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Querciabella’s Batàr, an essential marker of the time

Who hasn’t dreamed of penetrating the secret of winery creation; of entering the heart of the demiurge and illuminating their wines with the light of everyday life?

Wineries homes resemble the winemakers and thus shine a new light on their work. For me wine is an essential marker of the time, he concentrates great historical events and invites a multiplicity of viewpoints.


Here, in Querciabella, the “altitude” winemaking is challenging and demanding yet produces nectars well worth the effort and worthy of cellaring. Rows of squat vines clinging to Chianti’s hillsides (800m). Vintners challenge the laws of nature to ensure proper maturation. By virtue of having cultivated their vines over generations, Querciabella have also developed a cutting-edge art.

10991173_10153170517302845_3251774400506065810_n The most classy cuvee is Batar (Chardonnay 50%; Pinot  Bianco 50%), rich and tender, that exudes dried and fruit flavor, hint of salinity and great minerality, a remarkable heritage of Batard Montrachet, a love for strange and elegant things.

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