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The very first Médoc International Film Festival #VD7A , gems from terroir

Wherever you gaze between the Gironde estuary and the ocean, the undulating vineyards reflect a landscape shaped and configured by man according to the contours and gravelly outcrops. The place works its charme immediately.


A barren region strewn with proud castles, the Médoc owes its success to the prestigious marriage in 1152 between Eleanor, Duchess of Aquitaine, and Henry Plantagenet, the future king of England. The alliance promoted trade between Bordeaux and the British Isles, boosting the business of Bordeaux winemakers and merchants. This was a boon for the Médoc, where the great terroirs began to produce the most famous wines in the world.

You have to breathe in the salty smell of the ocean and the resinous scent of the pine trees in spring, and see the first flights of wood pigeons over the vines in early autumn to understand that the Médoc is a world of its own.


Wine is the only treasure of the land here, along with nature. People pay as close attention to their vines as Kobe beef producers to their cattle. Their meticulous work helps the plant delve its roots deep into the poor sand and clay soil to absorb the trace elements that make great bottles. It’s the thousand small things done for the vineyard and the wine-making process that will imperceptibly change the aromas and flavors. It gives the impression of reciprocal support, of symbiosis, a give-and-take dynamic that nourishes world-as-word made flesh.

Médoc gives me the idea that the world is based on vibrations and sounds, like octaves and music. There are eight dimensions in the octave. Each dimension is a note from an infinite scale, yet the eight form an enclosed space, an impression of completeness within a boundless infinity. In some ways, we’re living in an era in which we should be hysterical, but in the Médoc, we’re not.

From July 15 to July 19, within the heart of prestigious, historic Médoc vineyards , the town of Pauillac present the very first Médoc international film festival “Les Vendanges du 7e art”.  


The writer-director Régis Wargnier will chair the jury of the international competition of 8 selected films. The Festival is a chance to meet people from the world of cinema and wine and will appeal to a wide audience.

More info here :

Exploring the “7e art” is like an initiation, and the Médoc International Film Festival will help you find the key before you can trace its contours. So, open the door, blank out the walls, slip outside, and head to the great outdoor Médoc ! 

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