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Throw a stone in Portland and you’ll hit a food cart…

…If you don’t hit a coffee roaster or a micro-brewer…. or a cyclist.


There are Polish carts, Cuban carts, Indian carts, carts from the most unlikely exporters of gastronomy. Alaskan reindeer sits next to Czech schnitzels.


Do you like a cucumber finish or an oyster with more grit?


Portland’s speciality is its vibrant street food scene, whereby those without an office desk take lunch in the street, sitting on doorsteps, squatting mid-pavement or just standing around eating with their fingers out of boxes delivered by one-man-band restaurant wagons known as food carts.


At the confluence of the Willamette and Columbia rivers , the city is set back from the Pacific in Oregon’s land of plenty, a green corridor of prodigious fertility between coastal rainforest and the semi-desert. So these titbits are real food: fresh local ingredients, cooked to order, inexpensive and good. There are more than 600 carts, no two the same, in colourful corrals filling downtown parking lots.

A sunny lunch time at the Food Carts in downtown Portland on SW 5th Ave. between Stark and Oak feature a variety of cuisines from Thai to Indian to Burgers to Soup.

Portland’s selection of food carts has drawn global acclaim (CNN declared Portland home to the world’s best street food). Most carts are grouped in “pods” all around town, making it easy to sample several carts at a time.


Comfort, company, setting, cuisine…


Portland, birthplace of Nike and focus of America’s right-on, farm-to-fork, salmon-friendly capitalism!




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