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Endrizzi, the alphabet of flavors from the Trentino hills

Since 1885 Cantina Endrizzi has been producing Trentino wines. But Endrizzi is above all a family.

This name preserves the charm of a locality : San Michele all’Adige and the passion for wine as a work of art. A philosophy of life embodied today by Paolo and Christine Endrici (Endrizzi in the local dialect) and the younger generation with Lisa Maria and Daniele.


Endrizzi’s wines are made in the fresh climate of the Trentino hills, a land cultivated with environmentally friendly practices.


The Masetto vineyard


The sparkling Trento DOC is coming from the Pian Castello vineyard, one of the few in Trentino with an authentic clos structure. This Metodo Classico is left to mature on lees from 2 to 5 years, with a minimum dosage that does not alter the characteristics of the original grapes (Chardonnay and Pinot Nero).


The Riserva Pian Castello arrive in complete simplicity, unadorned, and it taste so good! You look at it almost with astonishment, as if you hadn’t been introduced to each other. But then you start to reconstruct your alphabet of flavors.

Endrizzi’s wine like to be playful, instead of taking itself so seriously.

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