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Late “En Primeur” Tasting, 2014 Vintage

22nd March 2016 : The over 300 industry professionals in attendance — journalists, brokers, merchants, chateaux owners—did not hide their pleasure to rediscover the 2014 grands crus, only just three months away from bottling.


144 chateaux from both the Left and Right Banks were available for tasting and judgement by these professionals at Millésima’s Cellars in Bordeaux, who once again responded overwhelmingly positively for one of the most highly-anticipated tastings of the year.

As for the vintage, the wines were showing well even in the cool cellars—temperature control being obligatory for the 2,500,000 bottles in stock! Many of the samples were quite expressive, showing notable fruit and a firm structure. Though 2014 lacks the intensity concentration of 2009 and 2010, it shines with its richness, something its predecessor in 2013 lacked. The 2014s were also more competitively priced (and still are), making them much more attractive on the market.


Tasting just before bottling present the opportunity to appreciate these wines before they are subject to review, meaning that opinions are not tainted or influenced by others’ judgements. The wine presented must speak for itself. Again, this type of tasting has no equivalent in Bordeaux!

Millésima is the only Bordeaux wine merchant to organize a tasting of the previous year’s release. For several years, this unique initiative has been greatly appreciated by the invited tasters, who see it as an opportunity to affirm, refine, or even change their opinion on wines previously tasted a year early.


There is no doubt that this year’s event highlights the comparison between the 2014 and the eagerly-anticipated 2015 vintage, which will be first tasted during the en primeur week at the beginning of April. 2015, along with 2014, announces the return of strong and healthy vintages in Bordeaux for both producers and the rest of the market. These wines will continue and solidify once again the reputation of Bordeaux around the world.

Regarding the Bordeaux “en primeur” 2015, Millésima launch their game: “Guess the marks of the 2015 wine futures from the Wine Advocate tasters?

Like every year, Wine Advocate will release their scores of the Grand Cru of Bordeaux in mid-April or even at the end of April, 2015. While patiently waiting for the results, Millésima offers to all amateurs of wine futures to guess the notes of six classified vineyards in the Médoc and Graves.

With hints provided by the Wine Advocate critics in past years, and with a bit of luck and talent, participants will have the chance to win prestigious prizes, for eight winners. This game will introduce the new offerings of grand crus, while also providing a chance to win large sized grand crus (1 Double Magnum and 3 Magnums).

Timing: from March 14th till April 15th (subject to the date of publication of the notes of Wine Advocate).

To participate in the game, visit Millésima on their Facebook page.



Every spring, about 4,000 people gather at «Place of Bordeaux » for the opening of the wine futures week. More than 200 properties welcome journalists, buyers, retailers, importers, and other professionals of the wine from all over the world to taste the last year’s freshly extracted barrel samples. Prices are then announced by properties to the merchants who buy these wines – through the local brokers – and are work as the ambassadors of chateaux across the world, for all amateurs who want to acquire grand cru. This practice well-known in the wine world, but is perhaps less known to general public.

Even if wine futures raises a controversy even today – tasting a wine six months after harvesting, isn’t it too premature to estimate the qualities of a wine? – Millésima, like all Bordeaux merchants, believes that buying futures gives numerous advantages which can’t be missed. That’s why Millésima is also a supporter of «late Futures » by organising its Panorama Tasting of futures «1 year later» after it has spent time in barrels.

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Photo Credit @E.Garnaud



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