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Best of Bordeaux primeurs 2015 – château Beychevelle St-Julien

On arrival, you’re greeted by the aromas of the earth, the gurgling of the Gironde River and the crunch of footsteps on gravel. At the end of drive stands an ivy-covered château that has been standing here since the 16th century.


It once belonged to the duc d’Epernon, who asked approaching ships to lower their sails as a sign of allegiance, with “Baisse-voile” becoming Beychevelle. Over the centuries, wine-making fourished at the “little Versailles of the Médoc“.


The estate now also offers 11 guestrooms and 2 suites. With their high ceilings, old wardrobes, rugs and silk hangings, they offer views of the formal gardens or the vineyards. A personal chef is available on request to pair your plates with the red rubis of the grands crus of the estate.


Château Beychevelleen primeur2015 :  the clocks are silent, as if gripped with respect; during the tasting time stops and seems to expand. This wine is slipping into the interstices of the world, spurred along by the winds of the Gironde River and add depth to reality’s flat surface.



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