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Call it “Eat, Pray, Love” (and Drink) Syndrome

This Christmas I’ll be turning 40 and stop dreaming about taking a career break to travel. After years of disciplined life, I’ll do it ! I’ll leave my job in Bordeaux for a few months, bid “adieu” to my bo-ho loft, drop off my beloved black cats at “Chez Maman” and pack my bags.

Out of office concept, for business communication.

I used to follow (and hate) several round-the-world travelers on Instagram. Whenever I’d scroll through my feed and see photos of them kicking back on a beach or sampling street food from a cart, I’d be filled with jealousy…

Well, now I’ll be the dick posting all the photos of Australian beaches and Indian meats-on-a-stick! But what you’ll see on my Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Blog won’t be the whole story, not even half of it…

Fête de la Fleur parties happen every year. This is once in a lifetime.


When I first started telling people my grand plan, I was met with one of three responses:

(a) awe and envy, usually from fellow travelers;

(b) fear for my well-being (What about terrorists?) and my bank account (no salary)

or (c) total disinterest.

That last response is, invariably, the most disappointing. Jeez, buddy—I’m giving up the rat race! I’m living out of a bag for months! Don’t you even want to know what countries I’m going to?


The answer is no—no, they don’t. And that’s a hard thing to accept. Making a leap like this is so far outside the realm of some peoples’ realities, they can’t comprehend what you’re telling them, let alone quiz you on the specifics. Others loathe their own jobs or lives and wish they could do the same but lack the know-how, financial means, familial support, and/or cojones to pull it off, so I’ll focus my energy on the people who are as excited for my adventure as I am, and never mind the hate-hate-haters…(Note to self: CHILL OUT.)


I see a world of possibility that excites me, and it starts on February 2017 with the #OIVMSc.

  • Educating the future leaders of the wine world at international level is the vocation of the OIV MSc in Wine Management : http://www.oivmsc.org/en/

“Created in 1986 with OIV support, which had identified an important need for a high level and wine specific international training program, the OIV MSc in Wine management train the students to the wine industry specific management (marketing, economy, management, law, human ressources, communication…) by offering concrete intelligence of the international environment via an itinerant, multidisciplinary and experience-based training”.



  1. thelmatour says

    Sei il mio mito! In bocca al lupo per questa misteriosa ed eccitante avventura!

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