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Quit your daily routine, sell your shoe collection and sit on board of a flight aimed roughly in the direction of some adventure….

It takes real guts to leave the stability of your life behind and head on out into the unknown, but the best decisions always do. Thankfully, you can sometimes find the most fantastic things going on at the end of your own street, like live and work for two months in London (1.5h flight from home), a realistic option.

As you know, I work for a company that buys directly from wine producers, stores the bottles in optimal conditions, then sells them with a guarantee of provenance to oenophiles around the world. The operation hinges on developing close relationships with the châteaux and domaines from where the wine is sourced as well as the customers.

The world of wine and service is all about the people, it’s essential to meet in person if you want to develop an understanding of someone’s needs and put back some personality into the process.

That’s why my passion for travel and my desire to see things first hand always helped me to expand abroad. I’ve travelled the world since I was 16 and have no plans to stop. Meeting people, getting a new perspective and experiencing new things is one of the most rewarding things I’ll do for the next two months, as for the rest of my life.

But a journey like this often has momentum, its own pace, which keeps it moving all the time. Everything important take place outside the frame, so let’s expand the frame and not always talk about wine. Hop on a train or bus. The road and railway run along the shoreline of the sea. It’s like a world’s end.

There’s not a soul this morning on the seafront. The post office is engulfed in steam from a boiling kettle. The pores of your skin tighten, your heart beats drum-like. The bus will be here in seven minutes. For a few seconds, you nearly set down your bags and decide to stay. Life’s path seems crystal clear; your journey, elemental, has injected its vital minerals, and for once you’re an essential part of it.

Remember, you wanted to lose yourself, and here you are found, right at the heart of the matter. There’s nothing more beautiful than this freedom.

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