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Champagne is forever

Deep inside the champagne houses, there’s more than endless cold, damp tunnels suitable for aging the beverage. Every 2 years at Millésima, some 1,000 visitors discover the house’s long history in a orchestrated tasting, an opportunity to discover the nuances between the different cuvées and the different maisons, all in one place.

This year the « Panorama Champagne » will take place in Bordeaux at the Matmut Atlantique Stadium on the 7th of November, from 6 to 10pm, where 24 maisons will present more than 90 cuvées. Let’s focus on two of them.

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Laurent Perrier :

The shadow of a great man still looms over the house of Laurent-Perrier in Tours-sur-Marne. Bernard de Nonancourt, an early member of the French Resistance, set out to revive a house that was in ruins following World War II, turning it into the fourth-ranking champagne group—Salon and Delamotte included—thanks to his innovations and the timeless quality of his wines. He was the first to market a non-vintage rosé brut (1968) and a highly touted ultra-brut (1981). Launched in 1959, the Grand Siècle, a pure, elegant wine structured around Chardonnay, is a triumph of blending. “What Bernard de Nonancourt wanted,” explains cellar master Michel Fauconnet, “was to go through a whole meal with cuvées adapted to each different moment.”His wish has come true, and his daughters have inherited the noble task of spreading the word.

Deutz :

As soon as you enter the house of Deutz, a sculpted cupid whispers in your ear that nothing has changed here since Napoleon III. Everything is perfect, from the blue mosaic floor in the entrance hall to the blood-red wall coverings in the Empire lounge. They say people are inspired by the places they work in. Fabrice Rosset, head of the house in Aÿ since 1996, is convinced: “At Deutz the place has a spirit that guides our approach to winemaking, one based on discretion and elegance.” An iconic brand among connoisseurs, Deutz produces wines dominated by Pinot Noir that are classical without being heavy and invariably well made. Its Brut Classic is among the best nonvintage champagnes. As for the very chalky Amour de Deutz— also available as a rosé—it is a fine expression of Chardonnay.

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