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Blog to savors the fresh wind blowing through Bordeaux..

« The Garonne : rising too high, dropping too low, drying up, overflowing, flowing too… but when the Garonne reaches Bordeaux, it gives the city a flirtatious hip check and pours on the charm. » Anna Moï.

On the left bank of this « hussy » river, the city reflects back an array of distinguished facades along its 4,500 meters of quays, like some kind of gigantic palace that starts who knows where and may end up in the sea.

On the south side of the river, at Quai de Paludate, you’ll pass by the cellars of the Bernard family where I work for Millésima, the winemerchant branch of the family business, whose cellars are less obtrusive, yet just as lavish, displaying a series of somewhat austere trompe l’oeils along the same quay.

A subtle bunch of grapes on one of the pediments at number 87 is the only telltale trace of the building’s vocation. Behind the discreet walls are 3 hectares of treasures, cases of bottles stacked several levels high—two to three million of them depending on the time of year.

Renovationwork is scheduled for the walls, smeared black by a fungus growing near the bottles; the project also includes more efficient, lavish facilities to better store the bottles slated for delivery to private customers in Europe, the United States and Asia—as the world has now become a province.

We began construction on elarging our cellars in September 2016, building also new offices for our headquarters. This brand new building, designed by the Bordeaux architectural firm Brochet-Lajus-Pueyo will be open to the public as an important part of the neighbourhood as we do not forget the importance of human contact. That’s why we are developing a wide range of wine tourism activities. The work is scheduled to be finish in March 2019.

At Millésima enchantment is not limited to the revived quays and resurrected buildings, but also of digital technology used as a marketing tool, like the Blog Awards contest now accepting applications for the 2018 edition.

Millésima created its Blog Awards in 2013 to honor the wine blogging community and to share outstanding wine writing with its 90 000 clients around the world via the social networks.

We also wanted to make Bordeaux more accessible. The chateaux and grands crus of the region suffer from a reputation of being closed off to the public and inaccessible, and we wanted to prove that this is far from the case.

The more influencers on social networks, the more these networks will be taken seriously. This is why the Blog Awards are held on Facebook, our largest social network on which we have hundreds of thousands of fans.

Learn more and apply for the 2018 Millesima Blog #MillesimaBA18 awards at





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