About Viviana

I moved from Italy to France in 2003 to take a job in Bordeaux (wine merchant) and start a second career after 8 years spent working in the media and movie industry… and after a Sommelier Diploma and the graduation of the Master in Wine Management conferred by the OIV. Today, I’m also a part-owner of Maison de la Toscane, a French wine & food importer specializing in small producers from Tuscany, mostly from the Maremma area, the south of the region. For the wine merchant I work for, I select Italian wines from highly regarded names.

Viviana Vecchione

My family house and olive grove are in Tuscany, my heart is in #Tuscany; for me, the #Maremma area is rough-edged poetry, chromatic diversity, artistic significance and above all, freedom of spirit. When I’m not traveling the world on business, I blog with an Italian accent; those two activities are like a pair of trees that grow together, intertwined, one supporting and bolstering the other. I use my blog to share my passion for Italian wines and in particular those of my native region… (and also a little on French wines ). I am also an author of several wine&food texts for the Éditions du Sud Ouest, Maison de la Toscane and Vinogusto.

But why La Zazzera, the wine’s fringe? La Zazzera  means (in Italian) a head always uncombed provided with a fringe, exactly as mine! And during a tasting, to appreciate the color of a wine, we analyze the tint where the wine meets the glass, a quite small zone called “the fringe”…

viviana vecchione



If you need me just send an email at viviana@thewinesfringe.com

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